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This house was a great place to raise a family.  It is centrally located but always felt secluded because it is the only house on Colleen Drive.  The first owner was also the builder so he named the road after his wife Colleen.  He also wanted the best for his family. The house has plaster walls and ceilings and  solid marble  window sills.  There is a Be -Dry Drainage System built in the lower floors so they never get wet.  The fireplace is very unique.  It is open to the dining room and the living room from opposite sides. 

The tri-level layout works great with a family.  There are  three separate floors with a minimal amount of stair steps.  My architect son designed and built a solar exposed addition that was the favorite hangout of my husband.  He enjoyed woodworking and the large sunny well insulated room is totally private and open to the backyard.  That  addition would make a great commercial office space or a large childrens playroom as well. 

We just completed a renovation that included a new roof, "never paint" soffits, eaves and gutters, new toilets, carpet, painting.

This house can be used for a planned business designation that allow you to operate your business from your home. In a regular subdivision or residential zoned area you could pay twice as much for an equivalent house. This house will afford you the privacy or the right to park your trucks and equipment, or run your office or day care center.

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